About Us

Condominium Management

Management of buildings, condominiums, residential complexes, shopping malls and industrial centers.
We perform an initial “snapshot” of the actual state of a building and spaces in order to plan:

  • the fulfillment of condominium laws and regulations
  • an optimization of the technical systems both in terms of innovation and of costs reduction or control
  • a careful preparation of financial statements with costs comparisons.

Our Office is equipped with modern devices. Innovative technologies such as thermal imaging cameras and video inspection systems are used for building maintenance.

Available 7 days a week, emergency service by plumbers and electricians as well as maintenance or cleaning firms.

Drafting of condominium rules and regulations and of share ownership tables.


Building property consulting

  • Consulting on property lease and loan agreements
  • Consulting on building property evaluation
  • Building property tax consulting (taxes, requirements)
  • Consulting on land registry documents
  • Consulting on condominium issues
  • Consulting on operational and portfolio strategies as well as property investment strategies based on the property market trend – search to protect and enhance the property value
  • Consulting on property investments to select products and check market values, with support throughout all subsequent process stages.

Let’s discover together how we can protect and enhance the value of your property!


Sales and purchase – lease

Our service includes:

  • Property evaluation or rent determination free of charge
  • Check of the overall building situation, i.e. land registry documents, mandatory energy performance certificate, condominium situation (if applicable)
  • Collateral maintenance and cleaning services in case of partial or seasonal rentals
  • Free publicity


Property asset management

Property asset management is the fiduciary management of the buildings of an individual owner on behalf of third parties. In particular, we tackle and solve all the problems and issues related to the ordinary and extraordinary management of a building that is not part of a condo.

The activity includes:

  • Management of the lease agreement and rent collection
  • Relationships with tenants
  • Arrangement and management of common services in a building
  • Ordinary and extraordinary building accounting
  • Costs allocation between owner and tenants
  • Organization and execution of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities
  • Annual report on the building maintenance status and rate of return from a financial and market perspective for the owner